Our Service


Our service model is built on the following foundations:


Multi-Dimensional Planning and Investment Services

We surround each client with a dedicated multi-dimensional planning and investment service that aims to connect each life plan with their individualized investment strategy.


Transparency and Knowledge

While our clients have chosen to outsource much of their planning and investment decisions to us, we value the buy-in of their individualized life plan and investment strategy. Therefore, we believe in a planning process that is open ended, continuous and collaborative. 

We believe it is critical to provide full transparency into our planning and investment process, and all subsequent investments. We make the extra effort to explain our position on markets so that our clients are fully informed and committed. 

Holistic Financial Aggregations

We believe we can better serve our clients by seeing their full financial picture. Therefore, we utilize account aggregations services from multiple vendors in order to enable our clients to see all of their investment assets in one place. Have assets not directly held with us but want our advice? We’ve got you covered.

Communication and Reporting

We clearly disclose and report performance after all fees, and are dedicated to providing the highest level of security.

We connect with our client partners regularly through individual meetings, webinars and written market commentary. We also provide our clients access to their full financial reports at any time via their own dedicated portal.

A Strong Custodial Partner

We believe investors should always have their investments held (or custodied) at a secure institution that is separate from their money manager. This provides security, checks and balances, and independent valuation and reporting. Though our clients can choose their custodian, our preferred custodian is Charles Schwab Institutional. They are the leading U.S. provider of custody and trading services to private investment advisory firms. Schwab provides 1,800 professionals to support over 6,000 independent advisory firms with over $1.2 trillion[1] under management. At Schwab, they do not charge you for custody and statements, and we have negotiated the lowest possible commission on our clients’ behalf. Through SIPC and Lloyds of London insurance, client portfolios at Schwab are protected up to $150 million from losses resulting from insolvency or liquidation. In essence, Schwab and other custodians are our “bricks and mortar” and Aberle investment Management, through limited power of attorney, is your personal money manager.

[1] As of June 2016