Silos vs. Ensembles

Having worked with 2 large financial institutions during my 20-year career in finance, I’ve observed that the perception with the bigger firms is not exactly the reality. When walking into a bigger office, one may see hundreds of advisors and staff and believe they all work together. In reality, they operate as separate silos, compete with one another, and more often than not, don’t even know one another. They are either w-2 employees or 1099 businesses with individual philosophies ranging from portfolio selection to which investment vehicles they use within portfolios for clients, to even the clients they’ve chosen to serve. In other words, two advisors, sitting next to one another in a large office, could focus on selling insurance while the other sells portfolio allocation. As employees of firms, compensation is tied to revenue generation, and not on the service provided to their clients. They are limited to using the one-size-fits-all technology structure that firms force upon them. That’s right, more often than not, firms limit the products that advisors can utilize within given “platforms” and often limit those products to a “preferred” list of vendors that they work with. I struggled with reconciling this business structure as in the best interests of my clients.

That’s why Aberle Investment Management exists.

We’ve taken a completely different approach. First, as a truly independent advisory practice, we are guided by the fiduciary standard which mandates that we put our client interests ahead of our own. We have no firm quotas to maintain and have the flexibility to incorporate investment strategies with our clients’ needs in mind. Your goals are our goals. 

We also know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We too are parents trying to save for college and retirement, and maybe a couple (ok, a lot) of fun experiences along the way. We too are business owners, and understand the struggles of balancing both business and personal aspirations.  

The fact is, we were fed up with being limited to technology geared to the lowest common denominator, and chose to create our own practice that allowed access to the best tools available today for our clients.

Together, we can form an ensemble and we’d be honored to help you to live your best life today

Clinton Webb