Take This Job and Shove It

Generally, we prefer to have a planning discussion to understand specifically what our clients are looking for. We believe that behind every investment portfolio there is likely a deeper story. Take for example a client that is interested in saving for retirement. On the surface, we can say “ok, so, you’re saving for retirement” … but what if we were to go deeper? 

What if a client were really interested in someday quitting their current job to travel around the country in a custom built sprinter van (ok, so this is one of our goals)? Shouldn’t we then focus on then two goals: the Sprinter and Retirement? What if the Sprinter goal could come 10 years before retirement? What retirement just meant the end of working for someone else … the glorious “take this job and shove it” conversations (one of our favorites, from personal experience)?  

Wouldn’t it be great if a financial advisor could spend time with clients to focus on every facet of a goal and not just the high level objectives? 

We do.


Clinton Webb