The Art of Portfolio Construction

Strategically constructing a portfolio and deciding how to address a given asset class at any given time in a market cycle is an art more than a science. It requires not only knowing the best strategies and tactics to represent an exposure in a given asset class, but also how to extract the most value. We practice this art daily, and continually uncover lessons and insights.

The building blocks of our process include:

Investment Policy Statement

In close collaboration with our client partners, we create an Investment Policy Statement that defines the individual financial goals we are pursuing, and also outlines a clear framework for managing the portfolio and measuring results.

Asset Allocation

Based on the Investment Policy Statement, we recommend how to optimize Asset Allocation across asset classes. We take an active approach to balancing investments broadly across both efficient and inefficient markets in order to provide non-correlated returns, resulting in true diversification and lower risk.

Portfolio Construction

We provide investment manager search, due diligence, selection, and monitoring in accordance with Investment Policy Statement guidelines.

Tactical, Valuation-Informed Rebalancing

We systematically rebalance portfolios within a pre-defined tactical allocation framework that adjusts portfolio exposures based on risk-reward attractiveness.

Clinton Webb